About Us

Carl Scaramuzza is the Founder and President of Credit Blueprint and leading business funding and net worth authority. He is driven to help people understand the true power of credit. He believes that credit is more than a score or a number, but the primary tool you need to grow your net worth. He’s reviewed over 50,000 credit reports and worked with thousands of people to guide them through what it takes to start reaping the benefits of great credit.

Before founding Credit Blueprint, Carl worked in the mortgage industry. He saw first-hand how difficult it was for those with poor credit to buy homes, and it was there he saw an opportunity. An opportunity to help people buy homes, achieve their dreams and set themselves up for a strong financial future. He founded Credit Blueprint in 2011, and despite some struggles, including credit setbacks of his own, he grew the business and led the company to seven straight years of A business ratings. Unlike many other credit companies, he doesn’t believe in a big-box approach. He works with every customer to create a personalized credit strategy, coaching and teaching them the levers that affect their scores, and how they can leverage credit to their advantage. As an expert in the field, Carl takes a holistic view to credit, approaching it not as a one-time fix but as a pathway to a great future.